Ozone Generators

Ozone Generators

CECON Ozonator India

Ozone Generators

Ozone Generators (Ozonators) produce ozone gas, which is used for disinfection, odour removal, colour removal, COD / BOD reduction. Application areas include:

  • 1. Water based – RO Plants, swimming pools, STP, ETP, laundry, aqua culture, hatchery, poultry etc
  • 2. Air Based – Odor removal in fish stalls, hotel rooms, garbage area, printing area, industries, STP exhaust, kitchen exhaust, color removal in food industry, denim fading etc, disinfection in food industry etc

Besides, Ozonators are also used in bio-medical applications.

Supplier Products

We supplier CECON Ozonators & its accessories:

  • 1. Air Cooled Ozonators in 3, 5, 10, 20 GPH capacities

  • 2. Water Cooled Ozonators in 25, 50, 75, 100, 150 & 200 GPH capacities

  • 3. Ozonator Accessories – CECON Venturi Injectors, Ozone Leak Monitors, Dissolved Ozone Controllers etc

For more information on the applications, product range, features and technical specifications you can visit their website : www. ceconozonators.com. Please feel free to reach us for all your ozonator related queries. We would be happy to assist you.

Air Cooled Ozone Generators – A Series

5 grams/hour Ozone Generator

10 grams/hour Ozone Generator

20 grams/hour Ozone Generator

Water Cooled Ozone Generators – W Series

50 grams/hour Ozone Generator

100 grams/hour Ozone Generator

Ozonator Accessories

Ozone Leak

Venturi Injector
with NRv

10 grams/hour Ozonator Module

20 grams/hour Ozonator Module